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New HMIS 2015 System

HMIS NFPA does it still work

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GHS Workplace Labeling (Green System)

New 2015 HMIS world workplace Labeling Solutions. the new system includes all the HazCom OSHA requirements. We have a new Posters and Chart on the right that includes the Health Hazard and 2 Physical Hazards, 1 in red for flammability and 1 in Orange for all the other Physical hazards. There is no rating because Hazcom categories are from 1 to 5. 1 is the highest and 5 is the lowest. HMIS is 0 to 4 with 4 being the highest, this would make thing confusing because they are opposites.We have also included the new Target Organ Effect requirements. New EXPANDED PPE so all workplaces can enjoy the system. Samples of GHS Drum, pail, and bottle labels are also on the poster. OSHA or WHMIS has not addressed the Environmental so we have left that off the poster. For The Environment system please visit http://www.ghmis.com/ghmislabeling.html Both systems comply. For customers that like HMIS, then this orange system will work for you. Please read my bog.

Blog HMIS or NFPA Labeling systems. Do they still work?.
Read here: HMIS NFPA

Ask your chemical supplier to add the new HMIS system to there label. Most Canadian company use the new system. Remember, in Canada you must add French to drum labeling.

Example drum label

List of stock items at the bottom of this page. Just change to UN Number for the code you a needing

Example of the Code

LB = Label
HT = HMIS Tick Marks
HM = HMIS Block Out
LS = HMIS Laser Blanks Sheets
LH = HMIS Thermal Transfer Label
35 = the size 3"x5"
P = Paper Material
V= Vinyl Materials
E - English
ES = English / Spanish
EF - English / French
W = Web Available on Chempliance Web Labeling™
1294 = Your product

Available in English, Spanish and French not shown

Code PO-MS55E Poster 23" x 35" English
Code PO-MS55F Poster 23" x 35" French
Code PO-MS55S Poster 23" x 35" Spanish
Code PO-CH55E Chart 8 1/2 " x 11" English
Code PO-CH55F Chart 8 1/2" x 11" French


Code: PO-CH55E 8 1/2" X 11" Chart English

New 2015 HMIS Implementation Manual


Code BK-GHMIS01 Book 8 1/2" x 11" English

Available in English, Spanish and French not shown.

This new HMIS GHS HazCom Implementation Manual has been newly and totally revised to comply with the 29 CFR OSHA 1910 - 1200 Right-to-Know HazCom requirements. Complies with Canadian GHS within WHMIS. new HMIS manual guides users through implementation of HazCom hazard identification. It provides background and insight into using our System. How to assign the key Hazards used by HMIS, SDS guidelines, GHS training, and how to evaluating your hazcom program.

The Implementation Manual features:

  • Executive Summary
  • Samples of Workplace Labels
  • Colored System
  • Target Organ Effect
  • The Hazards
  • Personnel Protection
  • Signal Words Danger & Warning
  • Sample test
  • Sample of Suppler's Labels
  • Sample SDS
New 2015 HMIS Employee Training Booklet
HMIS Employee's Guide to the HMIS
This easy-to-read guide, uses tools to educate employees on what they need to know about the It includes a programmed review of the material and an employee quiz, fully illustrated explaining the HMIS Workplace Labeling Systems. It includes, texts that may be used to record the employee completion of 29 CFR, HazCom OSHA 1910-1200

The HMIS Employee Training Booklet Features:

  • Illustrations
  • Sample HMIS Chemical Labels
  • Workplace Labels
  • Signal Words Danger & Warning
  • How to be use in Labs
  • Tests
  • Plus much more

Code BK-GHMIS02 Book 8 1/2" x 11" English

Available in English and Spanish
NEW 2015 HMIS Tick Mark Blank and Preprinted Labels
Select your Hazard Symbol by putting a check in the box If you don't see your Size or Stock Item
Please call USA: 888.442.9628 Canada: 888.977.4834
Stock Labels in English Spanish or french in Canada with check marks
Follow the symbols on the supplier label and check and follow your poster or chart. You now have a workplace label to comply with GHS within OSHA new requirements.

2" x 4"
Tick Mark Blank

3" x 5"
Tick Mark Blank

4" x 4"
Tick Mark Blank

4" x 6"
Tick Mark Blank

2" X 4" and 3" X 5"
4" X 4" and 4" X 6"
Thermal Transfer Blanks
Code: Code: Code: Code: Code:
LB-HT24PE English LB-HT35PE English LB-HT44PE English LB-HT46PE English LB-HM24PE PEB English
    LB-HT35VE English LB-HT44VE English LB-HT46VE English LB-HM35PE PEB English
LB-HT24PES English/Spanish LB-HT35PES English/Spanish LB-HT44PES English/Spanish LB-HT46PES English/Spanish LB-HM44PE PEB English
    LB-HT35VES English/Spanish LB-HT44VES English/Spanish LB-HT46VES English/Spanish LB-HM46PE PEB English
NEW 2015 HMIS Preprinted Labels


2" X 4"
Tick Mark Preprinted



3" x 5"
Tick Mark Preprinted

4" x 4"
Tick Mark Preprinted

4" x 6"
Tick Mark Preprinted

Code: Code: Code: Code:  
LB-HT24PE Custom English LB-HT35PE Custom English LB-HT44PE Custom English LB-HT46PE Custom English  
LB-HT24VE Custom English LB-HT35VE Custom English LB-HT44VE Custom English LB-HT46VE Custom English  
LB-HT24PES Custom Eng / Span LB-HT35PES Custom Eng / Span LB-HT44PES Custom Eng / Span LB-HT46PES Custom Eng / Span  
LB-HT24VES Custom Eng / Span LB-HT35VES Custom Eng / Span LB-HT44VES Custom Eng / Span LB-HT46VES Custom Eng / Span


2015 New HMIS Tags Tick Mark Blank

9.5 Mil Durable Synthetic Material

9.5 Mil Durable Synthetic Material
HMIS Tags Tick Mark Custom Preprinted

9.5 Mil Durable Synthetic Material
TH-HTOO1E TH-HT001Custom Number TH-HT001ES Eng / Span
Web Labeling, Laser labels and Stock Blank GHMIS Workplace Labels

ICC The Compliance Center offers two methods to print your HMIS work place labels.

Solution 1:
Customers can subscribe to Web Labeling Lite ( Please call 905-890.7231 Dan Albert Product Manager) to print HMIS laser, or thermal transfer labels directly from the web. Included in the subscription are the standard templates to print the standard sizes shown below in English, French or Spanish. For a demo, please call Dan.

Solution 2:
We can also offer a Bartender® based solution that would be installed on your PC. Simply click on the label template and drag the appropriate PPE and GHS Symbols onto your label and your done. This solution doesn't require access to the web to print your labels.


New HMIS Stock Laser Sheets

HMIS stock laser sheets meet the new HazCom OSHA and WHMIS 2.0 hazard communication standard. Our labels are easy-to-use to inform your employees about the potential hazards of chemicals countered in the workplace. Available in paper, blank or preprinted. Preprinted on demand only. Packages of 100.

Choose your size
Choose your language (over 3 languages English, French or Spanish in our data base)
Tells us your PPE or send us your SDS
We require your UN number or CAS number to be able to print at our manufacturing plants
Make your own with our New Web Labeling lite . Please request a demo

Other Links: High speed Printers. ICC recommends the 247P Thermal Transfer Printer Black ribbon.
For ribbons: ICC recommends our black Wax & Resin Ribbons

4-UP 4" x 5 "
Blank English


6-UP 3-21/64" X 4"
Blank English


10-UP 2 " x 4 "
Blank English


Blank Laser Codes
  Code Size Material Language  
  LS-HM10PE 2" X 4 " 10 UP Paper English  
  LS-HM10ES 2" X 4" 10 UP Paper English/Spanish  
  LS-HM103PE 3-21/64" x 4" 6 UP Paper English  
  LS-HM103PES 3-21/64" x 4" 6 UP Paper English/Spanish  
  LS-HM522PE 4"x 5" 4 UP Paper English  
  LS-HM522PES 4"x 5" 4 UP Paper English/Spanish  
NEW HMIS Thermal Transfer Blank Labels

Blank 2" X 4" English

Blank 3" x 5" English

Blank 4" x 4" English

Blank 4" x 6" English
  New HMIS Thermal Transfer Label Codes Size Materials Languages  
  LH-HM24PE 2" x 4" Paper English  
  LH-HM24PES 2" x 4" Paper English/Spanish  
  LH-HM35PE 3" x 5" Paper English  
  LH-HM35PES 3" x 5" Paper English/Spanish  
  LH-HM44PE 4" x 4" Paper English  
  LH-HM44PES 4" x 4" Paper English/Spanish  
  LH-HM46PE 4" x 6" Paper English  
  LH-HM46PES 4" x 6" Paper English/Spanish  
New HMIS Stock Labels Please Call 888.442.9628
2789 Acetic Acid 1193 Methylketone

New GHS World Workplace Labeling Catalog

1090 Acetone ----- formomide (75-12-7)
1133 Adhesives 1779 Formic Acid
1088 Acetal 1203 Gasoline
1089 Acetaldehyde 1206 Heptanes
1648 Acetonitrile 1208 Hexane
1099 Allylbromide 1778 Hydriodie Acid
1100 Allylehoride 1213 Isobutyl Acetate
1547 Aniline 1210 Inks
2223 Anisole 1212 Isobutyl alcohol
1561 Arsenic Trioxide 1262 Isooctane
1005 Anhydrous Ammonia 1219 Isopropanol
1114 Benzen 1220 Ispropyl Acetate
2224 Benzonitrile 1230 Methanol
3334 Benzyl Alcohol 1231 Methyl Acetate
1738 Benzyl Choride 1243 Methyl Formate
----- Boric Acid (10043-35-3) 1245 Methyl Isobutyl Ketone
1123 Butyl Acetates 1662 Nitro Benzene
1129 Butyraldehyde 1261 Nitro Methane
1134 Chorobenzene 1920 Nonane
1127 Chorobutanes 1263 Paint / Paint related Mat.
1188 Chloroform 3066 Paint Related Materials
----- Citric Acid (77-92-9) 1265 Pentane
1145 Cyclohexane 1274 Propanol
1155 Diethyl Ether 1276 Propyl Acetate
1154 Diethylamine 1282 Pyridine
1158 Diisopropylamine 1294 Toluene
1165 Dioxane 1307 Xylenes
1170 Ethanol Actate 1830 Sulphuric Acid
1173 Ethyforate  
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